anete bajare babcuka zimejumi

Twenty sixteen. Year in review. Thank you.

January is not only a great time to get to the new things, but also a time to look back at previous year. This has become my tradition to make this post.

I appreciate all the weddings I was honored to take part in. Really happy for all the people I have met and shared many beautiful moments with them. I appreciate all the travels I had with my friends and family. Places visited – Spain, Scotland, Sweden and Unites States when visited six states, including Arizona, Utah, California, Oregon, Nevada and Colorado.

Thank you to everyone with whom our paths crossed.

Here are few highlights from my 2016 and it will mean a world to me if you would take a look into them.

This is post with people, love, joy, tears, nature and details from past year.

Cheers to 2017 and many more adventures to come.

Please play this song Highasakite – Hiroshima in the background while watching.


2016_review_kristaps_hercs-1 pavasara fotosesija kāzu dekorācijas ziedi 2016_review_kristaps_hercs-4 2016_review_kristaps_hercs-5 skaista kazu kleita kazas siltumnica fotosesija kisezers 2016_review_kristaps_hercs-10 2016_review_kristaps_hercs-11 2016_review_kristaps_hercs-12 fotosesija plava sunset wedding photographs 2016_review_kristaps_hercs-15 latvija mezs saulriets 2016_review_kristaps_hercs-17 skaista gaisma big sur wedding photographer 2016_review_kristaps_hercs-20 2016_review_kristaps_hercs-21 2016_review_kristaps_hercs-22 2016_review_kristaps_hercs-23 vigvams kazas līgavas māsas year in review 2016_review_kristaps_hercs-28 līgavaina emocijas kāzu ceremonija lillas lawender kāzu fotosesija pie juras bernatu pludmale kazu emocijas 2016_review_kristaps_hercs-34 2016_review_kristaps_hercs-35 kāzu fotogrāfija saulriets pie daugavas piena cels kazas antelope state park kazas briezu darzs kāzās briežu dārzs briezi kazas zoltners saulriets mirklis pirms kazu ceremonijas kāzu auto detaļas kāzu ceremonija vecrīgā līgavaiņa pušķis scotland river kāzu emocijas labs kāzu fotogrāfs 2016_review_kristaps_hercs-51 pismo beach surf sunrise 2016_review_kristaps_hercs-108 2016_review_kristaps_hercs-109 kāzu prieks kāzu apsveikumi pīļu ezers kāzu fotosesija vakarā lielisks kāzu fotogrāfs kāzu ceremonija bernātos kāzu fotosesija karaostā spain wineyard labas kāzu fotogrāfijas kāzu pāris kāzu fotogrāfs zemgalē kāzu fotogrāfs jelgavā rustic kāzu ziedi kāzu fotogrāfs riga kāzas dūmu sveces joshua tree pirmā deja lietū kāzu ballīte 2016_review_kristaps_hercs-74 kāzas volga 2016_review_kristaps_hercs-76 skaistas kāzu detaļas scotland kazu grava kazu grava pāra fotosesija 2016_review_kristaps_hercs-191 yeko studio kāzas 2016_review_kristaps_hercs-82 kāzu ceremonija magdalēnas baznīca prieka asaras laime kāzās 2016_review_kristaps_hercs-86 fotosesija siltumnīcā fotosesija siltumnīcā cēsīs fotosesija siltumnica cesis 2016_review_kristaps_hercs-90 kāzu ceremonija matīšu baznīca kāzu gredzeni pirmskāzu fotosesija ķīpsalā 2016_review_kristaps_hercs-95 pirmskazu fotosesija abeldarza saulrieta fotosesija but kopa 2016_review_kristaps_hercs-101 2016_review_kristaps_hercs-102 līgava toņakalna baznīca kāzas 2016_review_kristaps_hercs-105 antelope state park utah bisons 2016_review_kristaps_hercs-111 fotosesija ostas skati 2016_review_kristaps_hercs-113 kāzas uz jahtas mt hood oregon kazas meza jauna para fotosesija meza pismo beach surf kazu ceremonija skunis ratnieki 2016_review_kristaps_hercs-122 2016_review_kristaps_hercs-124 veczemju klintis kazas lillas lawender fotosesija kāzas zirgs nevada interstate couple in love 2016_review_kristaps_hercs-131 2016_review_kristaps_hercs-132 2016_review_kristaps_hercs-133 kāzu ceremonija siltumnīca kazu ceremonija siltumnica kazas siltumnica 2016_review_kristaps_hercs-137 kazas jaunaudze fotosesija egles wedding forest 2016_review_kristaps_hercs-141 monument valley kāzas aleja 2016_review_kristaps_hercs-146 rundāles pils kāzas kazas rundales pils 2016_review_kristaps_hercs-149 mazmežotnes muiža kāzas salgales baznīcas drupas kāzas 2016_review_kristaps_hercs-152 2016_review_kristaps_hercs-153 2016_review_kristaps_hercs-155 engagement photoshoot in riga 2016_review_kristaps_hercs-158 kāzu fotogrāfs zemgalē 2016_review_kristaps_hercs-160 2016_review_kristaps_hercs-165 2016_review_kristaps_hercs-166 burtnieku muizas parks 2016_review_kristaps_hercs-169 2016_review_kristaps_hercs-170 ratnieki skunis kazas 2016_review_kristaps_hercs-172 liepaja karosta kazas 2016_review_kristaps_hercs-174 salaspils botaniskais darzs kazas 2016_review_kristaps_hercs-177 plava kazas viesu nams brutes 2016_review_kristaps_hercs-182 2016_review_kristaps_hercs-183 micosana folkloras kopa kazu dejas koņu dzirnavas kāzas 2016_review_kristaps_hercs-189 oregon coast family photosession oregon coast inspiration roza kazu ziedi 2016_review_kristaps_hercs-195 2016_review_kristaps_hercs-196 kazas pie gaujas vw busins kazu auto beautiful scotland 2016_review_kristaps_hercs-201 spain logrono couple photoshoot 2016_review_kristaps_hercs-203 2016_review_kristaps_hercs-204 kāzu rīta pucēšanās 2016_review_kristaps_hercs-206 2016_review_kristaps_hercs-207 2016_review_kristaps_hercs-208 jelgavas jana baznica kazas 2016_review_kristaps_hercs-210 2016_review_kristaps_hercs-211 2016_review_kristaps_hercs-212 helija baloni kazas 2016_review_kristaps_hercs-214 2016_review_kristaps_hercs-216 kazas ostas skati 2016_review_kristaps_hercs-219 2016_review_kristaps_hercs-220 logrono spain 2016_review_kristaps_hercs-222 retro kazu auto latvian wedding photographer 2016_review_kristaps_hercs-226 2016_review_kristaps_hercs-227 latvia wedding 2016_review_kristaps_hercs-229 ziemeļblāzma kāzas 2016_review_kristaps_hercs-234 latvian blues band kāzas latviska mičošana 2016_review_kristaps_hercs-239 joshua tree inspiration joshua tree national park sunset

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April 28, 2017
Daudz interesantu vietu un mirkļu.
January 31, 2017
Ciao Kristaps! I just looked through your blog post and what a great year you had. Beautiful memories and I really like your editing. It's pure but not too trendy. You have captured nature so well that I thought I have to come your "natureweddingworkshop" :D I hope you understand what I meant. I can see your heart inside of those photos which is rare these days. Keep up the good work and hopefully we meet each other soon! Ps. As a I love rain.. Those night rainy party photos, killer!