About Kristaps

wedding photographer

Kristaps Hercs is Wedding photographer from Riga, Latvia photographing weddings in Northern Europe.


Hi, I’m Kristaps!

It is beginning of a new adventure every time I meet new people. This is the reason why I love documenting weddings and I have been Wedding photographer for almost a decade. It’s an honour that I can be with you on your wedding day and experience it.

My main goal as a photographer is to bring back emotions and feelings when you will look at your photographs. I’m documenting weddings in documentary style, looking for things that matter and all the small details. I always take this job seriously as this is one day not to be repeated. I love when couples are enjoying the day in relaxed mood and this is the best recipe for wonderful photographs.

Travel is my passion and seeing the world inspires and recharges me. Another passion of mine is coffee. Making one in Kalita Wave or meeting up with friends in the afternoon is my favourite.

I believe that you only get better when learning, so every year I love to take part in Way Up North and Bodaf Europe wedding photography conferences and masterclasses.

Now I would love to hear about you. If you like what I do, let’s get in touch. I hope we can sit down for a cup of coffee or tea soon to talk about you and capturing your story. I think face to face chat is a great chance getting to know each other. And this is first step to make photographs that matter to you.


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Member of LKFA – Association of Latvian wedding photographers.