Destination wedding photographer

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Hi and welcome to this page. If you were looking for a destination wedding photographer, you are in right place. I have photographed weddings and engagements in different places in Europe, but I would like to expand my list of visited places. My dream is to photograph weddings in as many countries as possible. If you are planning wedding in your home country or destination wedding somewhere else, I would be happy to fly over and make memories for you that will last lifetime. I would be honored if you would get to know my work.

Traveling is part of what I do and it inspires every time. New places are the best inspiration. I’m passionate about going new places and exploring them with new people.

If you are planning a wedding in any of places following below, I would be happy to read from you. Please tell me a little bit about yourself. Please contact me here and I will get back to you as fast as possible (usually within 24 hours).

Wedding Photographer in Estonia


Wedding Photographer in Spain


Wedding Photographer in Lithuania

Wedding Photographer in Sweden